Many people are looking for answers to their health concerns beyond the drug and surgery approach of traditional western medicine. Knowing intuitively there are root cause issues responsible for sickness and death, and rightly believe that investigating those issues can lead to better health.

If you would like to work one-on-one with our founder, Dr. Steven Bennett, in getting to the root of your health concerns, please complete and submit the form below. Our office will contact you via email to set a convenient tele-consult appointment and forward intake forms. We do not accept insurance. (Note: Due to high demand, appointment availability is limited.)


Initial intake: $350 (1 hour)

Follow-up: $100 per 20 minutes (consult time is rounded up to next 20-minute increment) Follow-up consults with lab reviews generally require 20-30 minutes per lab panel.

Annual Premium Membership: $995 (includes direct email access to Dr. Bennett and 10% discount on supplements).

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