New: Colon Cancer & Berberine

By Dr. Steve Bennett

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The results of a large (891 patients) double blind, placebo controlled clinical trial were just released showing a clear and significant benefit to the use of daily Berberine in colon cancer prevention.

January 2020: The results of a large (891 patients) double blind, placebo controlled clinical trial were just released showing a clear and significant benefit to the use of daily Berberine in colon cancer prevention. Patients were selected when they showed precancerous adenoma(s) on colonoscopy. The adenomas were removed, and half of the patients took daily Berberine, while the other half took a placebo.


The study showed a 23% overall reduction in recurrence or advancement of precancerous polyps over a two year period. Significantly, the incidence of advanced adenomas was cut in half (50% reduction),further emphasizing the chemopreventative nature of Berberine. The study used 300 mg doses twice daily, and side effects were rare and non-serious (diarrhea, rash, etc).


Berberine is one of ten (10) ingredients included in Resverox 250 MCD that have demonstrated anti-cancer and/or cancer protective characteristics in peer reviewed scientific research (referenced from PubMed). And there are even more in Bio-C-Glucan, NKO Krill Oil and D3 5000. These ingredients include Berberine, Resveratrol, Pterostilbene, PQQ, Zinc, Methylcobalamin, B6 P5P, Vitamin K2 MK7, R-alpha Lipoic acid and Magnesium. And most importantl, the ingredients are in “therapeutic dose levels” not trace amounts to make the label attractive.


This latest research is heartening as we search for preventative methods to reduce colorectal cancer, one of the most prevalent cancers worldwide. Other materials such as aspirin have dangerous side effects and have shown conflicting benefits in clinical trials. Berberine has been used for hundred to thousands of years in China and the Middle East (Persia) and is sold as an OTC medication in many countries for a variety of uses including diabetes and GI infections among others.

Dr. Steven Bennett
Dr. Steve Bennett

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