Live Longer and Healthier with Diabetes

If you or someone you know has diabetes, there are some important things you should know:

  • 70% of diabetics have fatty liver

  • Fatty liver is associated with increased cancer occurrence of between 1.2X and 2X greater than that of people without fatty liver.”(1)

  • Fatty Liver increases the risk of liver cancer by 20X in diabetics

  • Fatty Liver leads to an increase of 60% in all-cause mortality in diabetics

  • When fatty liver is present, there is a 20% chance of liver fibrosis, an advanced degree of fatty liver which can lead to cirrhosis and cancer

  • Cardiovascular disease is also very likely, 65% of diabetics die of heart disease

  • Half of diabetics have uncontrolled blood sugar which will exacerbate heart disease, kidney disease and dementia risks

  • It’s very likely levels of inflammation and oxidative stress are elevated above optimal levels

(1) Mantovani A, Petracca G, Beatrice G, et al. Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and increased risk of incident extrahepatic cancers: a meta-analysis of observational cohort studies. Gut. 2022;71(4):778-788. doi:10.1136/gutjnl-2021-324191

MetaVasc™ is proven to significantly improve fatty liver in people with type 2 diabetes.

What does all this mean?

It means diabetes is a major disease that is not always being properly managed. And as a result, a tremendous amount of suffering, disability and death are occurring every single day due to the disease. Additionally, it’s costing all of us, through medical treatments, a massive amount of money. Obesity and related metabolic diseases (including diabetes, fatty liver, heart disease, kidney disease and dementia) are nearing $1 trillion USD per year in total expense.



MetaVasc™ address the root causes of this disease by reducing the inflammation and oxidative stress that fuel the deadly health effects related to diabetes and fatty liver. MetaVasc™ is an all-natural, safe, proprietary formula from Intuitive Nutrients with clinically tested ingredients that can help you live better with diabetes.

The Research

MetaVasc™ can help with blood sugar regulation, but just as importantly, it reduces liver fat by 51% (hepato-renal index), and improves arterial function by 39% (reactive hyperemia index), reduces cholesterol, reduces inflammation and oxidative stress, and improves vascular endothelial function.

All of these effects are described in this peer reviewed, double blinded, placebo controlled, randomized clinical trial by Musolino V., et al in 2020 in the Journal of Traditional and Complimentary Medicine.

The ingredients in proprietary MetaVasc™ can help you live longer and healthier with diabetes.

Read more about the research that highlights the connection between fatty liver, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases here:

Here are a group of statistics from peer reviewed studies published by the National Institutes of Health (PubMed):


*‘diabetes and diabetic’ refer to type 2 diabetes mellitus
*‘fatty liver” refers to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease or NAFLD

T2DM = type 2 diabetes mellitus

NAFLD = fatty liver

CKD = chronic kidney disease

CVD = cardiovascular disease

EF = endothelial function

  • There are 38 million diabetics in the US

  • One third of Americans over 65 have diabetes

  • Each year, we add 2 million more diabetics in the US

  • Two thirds of diabetics have heart disease, which is worsened by their diabetes

  • 70% of diabetics have fatty liver (NAFLD)

  • 20% of fatty liver patients have liver fibrosis

  • Liver fibrosis comes from fatty liver

  • Liver fibrosis can lead to cirrhosis and cancer

  • Metformin does not help fatty liver

  • MetaVasc™ can help with fatty liver

  • Metformin is the first drug diabetics are usually prescribed, to lower blood sugar

  • Metformin prescription adherence is <50%

  • NAFLD increases cognitive decline by 26% overall, and 81% in women

  • Metformin raises the risk of genitourinary birth defects in male offspring if used preconception

  • Fatty liver increases chances by 50% of worsening kidney disease

  • Fatty liver makes it 44% less likely that you can improve chronic kidney disease (CKD)

  • Diabetes DOUBLES the risk of liver related disease outcomes

  • MetaVasc™ improves Fatty Liver in diabetics

  • MetaVasc™ reduces inflammation in diabetics

  • MetaVasc™ improves endothelial function (EF) in diabetics

  • EF is a major component of heart disease

  • MetaVasc™ reduces oxidative stress in diabetics

  • MetaVasc™ increases weight loss (62%) when following a calorie reduced diet

  • MetaVasc™ contains Berberine and Curcumin which both benefit gut health

  • 65% of diabetics die of heart disease

  • NAFLD increases the risk of CKD by 80%

  • 10% of diabetics die of kidney related issues

  • 24% of diabetics have grade 3-5 CKD (9 MM)

  • More than 40% of diabetics have CKD to some degree (15 MM)

  • Fatty liver increases the risk of heart attack by 50% in diabetics

  • Fatty liver increases the risk of heart disease by 62% in diabetics

  • Fatty liver doubles mortality in hospitalized heart disease patients

  • Poorly controlled diabetes increases the risk for COVID severity

Ready to Live Better with Diabetes

MetaVasc™ can help with blood sugar regulation, but just as importantly it reduces fatty liver markers by 30%, reduces cholesterol, reduces inflammation and oxidative stress, and improves vascular endothelial function.