It's Overwhelming

By Dr. Steve Bennett


Supplements, supplements, supplements

A colleague of mine suggested something interesting to me the other day. He said that with the impressive group of nutrients included in our foundational Vital-Blu Series pack it might be a good idea to go down to our local Whole Foods and do a piece on what it would be like to purchase all of the individual components separately.

The idea being to illustrate the number of pills, bottles, filler, etc. that would normally be required to get everything in the Vital-Blu Series.

So, I did. I spent about an hour at Whole Foods yesterday afternoon looking at the vast array of products, singling out comparable items to what is included in our Vital-Blu Series. And while my general expectations were confirmed about the cost, number of bottles, daily pills and the associated amount of fillers, one thing that really stood out was the sense of overwhelm that must hit anyone in the supplement section of Whole Foods, Sprouts, etc.

Here’s the thing, I’ve spent 15 years prescribing nutritional supplementation. Reading the research, understanding the intricate aspects of physiology and biochemistry and yet, even for me, it was an overwhelming experience. With the vast array of products, the labels that all say they’re the absolute best (with no guarantees) I couldn’t wait to get out of there!

I was struck by the fact that we’ve created an awesome group of products at a really great price - but probably one of the most significant benefits we offer is convenience. It’s knowing that someone with substantial experience has done the research, thought through the pros and cons of each and every available constituent, and pulled together the very best ingredients in a simple effective group of products.

We’ve made it less stressful to take these 6 capsules and 3 small soft gels everyday and not have to spend time in the supplement section; wondering if you’re getting the right, the best, the most valuable ingredients.

And most importantly, consistently taking these nutrients every day over the long term is what will truly yield the health benefits shown in the research. I urge all my patients to be consistent, or you‘re not going to reap the intended benefit of your health and wellness investment.

Dr. Steven Bennett
Dr. Steve Bennett

Intuitive Nutrients

Intuitive Nutrients was started by Dr. Steven Bennett as a way to provide top quality clinical-grade nutrients for his practice, at a reasonable price. Situated in beautiful San Diego Intuitive Nutrients is locally owned and operated by Dr. Bennett, his family and team. And they are proud to dedicate a portion of Intuitive Nutrients' profits to the Surfrider Foundation and Rady Children's Hospital.

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