Tripeptides: Good things come in small packages

By Dr. Steve Bennett

Collagen: Natural Beauty

The myth of Cowhide Peptides

Effective Collagen Supplements:

  • The smaller the Peptide the more effective the Collagen supplement (Tripeptides)
  • ‘Peptides’ are simply strings of Amino Acids of varying lengths
  • Only certain strings (or Amino Acids) stimulate Collagen production: Glycine, Proline & Hydroxyproline (also known as GPH)


What is Peptide?

Simply put ‘Peptide’ means a string of Amino Acids. That string could be anywhere from two Amino Acids to several hundred in length. And just calling something a ‘Peptide’ or in our case, a ‘Collagen Peptide’ doesn’t tell you anything about the length. The smaller the string the more effective the Peptide. However, making small strings or Peptides is expensive. Extra purification steps are required that add cost to the product.

Some collagen manufacturers do nothing more than boil down cowhide to create Collagen Peptides, leaving very large collagen molecules that are unable to pass into the bloodstream, leaving them almost ineffective to those over the age of 30.


GPH Tripeptide and Collagen

As we age, the cells that make collagen (known as fibroblasts) can get a bit lazy. And after the age of 30, they require a little assistance to do their job. Tripeptides are very small strings of Amino Acids (just three beads long) that signal fibroblasts to make collagen. More importantly, only certain strings of Amino Acids stimulate Collagen production: Glycine, Proline, and Hydroxyproline, known as GPH.

So, the crucial question is this: how much valuable GPH Tripeptide is contained in typical collagen peptides? The answer: nobody knows. Because it is almost never tested. And we can conclude that since Tripeptides require expensive purification, there are very few Tripeptides in most collagens, or it would be stated.


Intuitive Nutrients Marine Collagen Tripeptide™

What is an effective collagen supplement? MoriKol®️ is the patented Marine Collagen Tripeptide material used in True-Peptide™️ products from Intuitive Nutrients. All True-Peptide™️ collagen is tested to have no less than 15% Tripeptide content, and because we purify for Tripeptide content, our collagen doesn’t require a large dose and is much more potent.

As a result, our clinical studies show that just 1,000mg/day yields visually compelling results. With ‘Cowhide Peptides’ the dose is 10-20 times as large, and the results haven’t been clinically demonstrated.

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Costs and Benefits of MoriKol®️

The MoriKol®️ in True-Peptide™️ Powder costs about $0.54/day. Capsules are slightly more. In comparison, Vital Protein ‘Cowhide Peptide’ powder with no tested Tripeptide content costs almost three times as much and comes in at about $1.43/day.

In the past year or two, many companies have begun to add things to their collagen products to increase their effectiveness. Ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, and Zinc are added to increase skin moisture and collagen synthesis. Even more expensive products add Ceramosides (Ceramides), Keratin, Biotin, NMN or Nicotinamide Riboside. These products can be as high as $2/day or more.

At Intuitive Nutrients, we deliver effective collagen supplements at excellent prices. To this end, we formulated True-Peptide™Boost in 2022 to bring an add-on collagen supercharger to our customers. True-Peptide™Boost is two small capsules a day and delivers the following:

  • Biotin: 10,000 mcg
  • Ceramosides: 35 mg
  • Hyaluronic acid: 100 mg
  • Keratin: 500 mg
  • NMN: 125 mg
  • Zinc: 7 mg
  • Vitamin C: 100 mg

This group of ingredients, if purchased separately could cost $.75/day. Get the best Marine Tripeptide Collagen and the Boost for less than $1.50/day. That’s about the price of ‘Cowhide Peptide’ alone.

Purchase our Collagen Complete Max XL Bundle (Marine Collagen Powder plus Boost Capsules) and you get our top-shelf marine Tripeptides and all of the Boost ingredients for $1.43/day or $43/month.

true peptide powder and boost

View Available Collagen Products

Explore our True-Peptide™️ Marine Collagen Tripeptides in powder or capsules. And check out our new companion product, Boost, with large doses of recognized premium hair/skin/nail nutrients.

Dr. Steven Bennett
Dr. Steve Bennett

Intuitive Nutrients

Intuitive Nutrients was started by Dr. Steven Bennett as a way to provide top quality clinical-grade nutrients for his practice, at a reasonable price. Situated in beautiful San Diego Intuitive Nutrients is locally owned and operated by Dr. Bennett, his family and team. And they are proud to dedicate a portion of Intuitive Nutrients' profits to the Surfrider Foundation and Rady Children's Hospital.

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