Why Most Collagen Supplements Fall Short

By Dr. Steve Bennett

Collagen Beauty

GPH Tripeptides: The key to rapid, reliable results with collagen supplements

Collagen supplements have become a staple of the beauty and wellness regimen for many people over the past decade. Unfortunately, many people are disappointed with the results. And here's the reason. Many collagen supplements use unrefined collagen with very large molecules that are difficult for your body to use, they also lack a key ingredient, GPH Tripeptides which significantly stimulate our bodies to make collagen in our skin.

Scientific research has revealed that small, specially arranged molecules called “Tripeptides” are the key to getting rapid, reliable results with collagen supplementation.

Most collagen supplements are made of unrefined large molecules, here are the types to avoid:

  • Gelatin, the least refined
  • Collagen Hydrolysate, slightly refined but still too large
  • Bovine, made from boiled cowhide and tendons, Mad Cow Disease is a consideration
  • Collagen Peptides, a generic term, using very large molecules of undetermined size and content of specific amino acid tripeptides

The primary reason these types of collagen are discouraged is they must be processed extensively in the stomach before being absorbable. And even once they are digested, they are still just a soup of amino acids, raw building blocks with no signaling capability.

The key to helping your body make new collagen in your skin is to send the signals to the cells (fibroblasts) that make collagen. These signals are molecules called tripeptides. Specifically, tripeptides are made from just three of the 20+ amino acids in collagen: glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline - better known as GPH.

Most collagens have a minimal amount of naturally occurring GPH Tripeptides (less than 0.1%). So little, that these collagens aren’t even tested for tripeptide content. As a result, consumers have to ingest 12-20 grams a day to make any difference.

MoriKol® Marine Collagen is highly purified for tripeptide content and contains at least 15% tripeptides, and at least 3% GPH Tripeptides, that’s 30x more than standard bovine collagen peptide products. This allows amazing things to occur.

  • Fibroblasts are signaled to make collagen
  • GPH Tripeptides are absorbed directly into the blood through dedicated channels
  • UV-B radiation effects on the skin are blocked
  • Stress-related cortisol is prevented from stopping collagen production

All of these effects have been clinically studied and validated. GPH Tripeptides get right into the system and do several important things that no regular collagen molecules can do.

MoriKol®️ Marine Tripeptide Collagen comes from the scales of Kosher-raised, renewable warm water Tilapia from Brazil. MoriKol®️ is purified and batch certified to have at least 3% GPH tripeptides in each batch. Total tripeptide content is at least 15%.

Because MoriKol®️ has such a high concentration of GPH and other Tripeptides, it works at very low doses, just 1 gram per day. Most bovine and even marine collagens require ingestion of 12-20 grams a day.

MoriKol®️ is available from Intuitive Nutrients in our True-Peptide™️ Collagen product line. Also try our True-Peptide™️ Boost formula with NMN, Hyaluronic Acid, Keratin, Ceramides, and Biotin.

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Dr. Steven Bennett
Dr. Steve Bennett

Intuitive Nutrients

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