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True-Peptide™️ Boost NMN, Ceramides, Hyaluronic Acid
True-Peptide™️ Boost
NMN, Ceramides, Hyaluronic Acid
Extra strength formula to enhance collagen benefits for skin, hair and nails.
BergaPure™️ Patented Liver Formula
Patented Liver Formula
Clinically shown to boost weight loss when dieting by 40% and reduce fatty liver.
Ultra Curcumin Total Turmeric Matrix
Ultra Curcumin™️
Total Turmeric Matrix
Patented ultra absorption formula for joint, gastrointestinal and cardiovascular health.
Polyphenol-Max™️ Ultra Longevity Blend
Ultra Longevity Blend
Maximum antioxidant and anti-inflammatory formula with Resveratrol, Vitamin K2 and PQQ.
True-Postbiotic™️ TriButyrin 500mg
TriButyrin 500mg
Clinically proven to reduce IBS symptoms by 40-65%.
True-Autophagy™️ Spermidine 6mg
Spermidine 6 mg + NMN + PQQ
Activating cellular regeneration and repair while boosting mitochondrial performance.
MetaVasc™️ Metabolic Dysfunction Support
Metabolic Dysfunction Support
Reducing inflammation and oxidative stress for optimal cardio-metabolic function.
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Intuitive Nutrients is anything but average. With over 15 years of functional medicine patient care and relentless research, we bring only the most focused, effective therapeutics to our customers. More than 70% of our products consist of exclusive,  custom formulations and branded-patented ingredients, manufactured in cGMP facilities...giving you a level of confidence that can be hard to find in the natural supplement market.

What are your health goals?

Intuitive Nutrients enables the optimal health of our clients by providing all-natural, leading edge nutritional supplements to support their quest for optimal, vibrant health and longevity.

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We focus on the 9 hallmarks of aging using NMN, Spermidine, Polyphenols and so much more. Take care of your cells and they’ll take care of you!


We begin with patented, low-dose marine collagen, then supercharge your results with Ceramides, NMN, Keratin, Hyaluronic Acid and more! Beauty from Within is truly within reach!

Metabolic & Healthy Weight

Combat inflammation and oxidative stress, the primary forces of cardio-metabolic dysfunction. Protect and preserve your heart, liver, brain and kidneys, and live an active, pain-free lifestyle. Our proprietary formulas are scientifically proven to help!

Microbiome /
GI Health

The gut is everything. From nutrient absorption to liver, lung and brain function..a healthy microbiome is the key to vitality. Our new PostBiotic Tributyrin is a true gut game-changer!

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Synergy. This occurs when the combination of nutrients yields a benefit greater than the sum of its parts. Nature has mastered the art of synergy and our Bundled Products are designed to deliver on this concept. 

Functional Medicine: the rational pursuit of real health and wellness

Uncover root causes and develop effective strategies to scientifically advance your health and wellness. Schedule a tele-consult with Dr. Steven Bennett or select specialized testing packages..start getting answers and relief today!